EFFEUNO: The best Pizza Oven for the home

I have spent many years making pizzas using different ovens, from regular home ovens (with some tweaks), to professional ovens, from wood fired to electric or gas. I am bringing this oven in for all those who have been struggling making pizza in their home oven, and also those who tried those new small wood pellets/gas ovens (there are several brands right now) and realised they are half baked, unworkable solutions. I can comfortably say that EFFEUNO is the best solution for making proper pizza at home, and this is why:

  • Unprecedented heat performance. It's the only electric home oven that is able to reach 450-550C and reliably maintain such temperatures due to extra heat insulation

  • Accurate temperature control of top and bottom of the oven, for consistently perfect cooking of your baked products.

  • Being an electric oven, it's easy to operate and it requires minimal effort and maintenance while giving you predictable and consistent results, unlike other "mini wood oven" solutions

  • It can produce superb bakes for bread, as it efficiently holds the moisture within the chamber

  • The "biscotto Saputo" stone will give you amazing results for both pizza and bread making and it's uncomparable to most "pizza stones"

  • Despite reaching such high temperatures, the oven door remains perfectly cool due to a triple glass layer system

  • Besides being optimal for pizza and bread, the oven is suited for all other types of cooking and baking that require accurate temperature control. 

  • Designed and made in Italy. 

The Models


Ideal for Neapolitan Pizza

This oven can reach 450C and due to the low ceiling, it performs perfectly for all kinds of pizza.




Pizza and Baking

A higher baking chamber makes this oven suitable not just for pizza, but also for bread baking or even pastry and roasting.




Professional  Performance

Unsurpassed professional performance, reaching up to 550C, with digital controls and professional heat stability.



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All purchases are covered for malfunctions/factory defects for 1 year from the date of delivery. 


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