My Philosophy

I believe in slow food which is about seasonal ingredients,

tradition, preparation time, but also enjoying food and wine in

good company without rush.

I take time in preparation. My pizza dough ferments for days, my Ragú cooks for 6 hours, and fresh homemade pasta and ravioli take many hours to prepare. 

I grew up spending days at my grandmother's house in Abruzzo, witnessing the preparation of fresh pasta and the harvesting and canning of seasonal tomatoes. At my hometown in Veneto, with my extended family, I spent my youth taking part in traditional culinary initiatives such as the preparation of salami and sausages in the winter, the milling of polenta flour and the daily milking and preparation of cheese.

Now I am bringing to Singapore my favourite dishes from my childhood as well as my extensive travel in my home country, selecting the best from my favourite regional cuisines, with special attention to the Italian basics such as Pasta and Pizza, which is what I believe make Italian food shine to its best.


The first Italian Private Kitchen in Singapore

An Italian home in Singapore.
Slow food, homemade, with patience and love.
This is what it's all about.

It all starts from the raw ingredients, carefully selected, and prepared taking time as in the old days.

Welcome to my home, to experience and discover the flavours of Italy.