An Italian home in Singapore.
Slow food, homemade, with patience and love.
Welcome to my home, to experience and discover the flavours of Italy

“Casa Nostra” means “Our Home”. That’s where you are welcome to enjoy the unique experience of Italian home-style family cooking.

“Casa Nostra” was born from 10 years of regularly sharing authentic Italian food with my extended group of friends at my house here in Singapore. Our tradition has been to gather every Sunday lunch and spend the day enjoying good company with food and wine.

I grew up spending days at my grandmother's house in Abruzzo, witnessing the preparation of fresh pasta and the harvesting and canning of seasonal tomatoes. At my hometown in Veneto, with my extended family, I spent my youth taking part in traditional culinary initiatives such as the preparation of salami and sausages in the winter, the milling of polenta flour and the daily milking and preparation of cheese.

I am bringing to Singapore my favourite dishes from my childhood as well as my extensive travel in my home country, selecting the best from my favourite regional cuisines, with special attention to the Italian basics such as Pasta and Pizza, which is what I believe make Italian food shine to its best.



  • Time:

    • A time of arrival must be agreed prior to the booked date. The start time for dinners is between 6:30PM to 7:30PM.

    • We regret that we are unable to admit guests into the venue prior to the agreed start time. Please ensure all the guests are informed to avoid inconvenience.

    • The duration of the dinner is up to 3 hours from the agreed time. This is regardless of the actual start time, which may be delayed due to late arrival of all the guests.

  • Noise:

    • Please be reminded that we are located within a condo, therefore guests must maintain noise levels within reasonable limits at all times. 

    • Furthermore, noise must be kept to a minimum after 10:30 (due to legal limit, in respect of other neighbors).

  • Kids are allowed to join dinner/lunch events only if 10 years old or above. We regret we are unable to host any children of younger age.

  • Shoes are to be removed and left outside the door before entering the house.

  • No access is allowed to our kitchen area, nor to the fridges located within it, unless a special arrangement is made.



We are temporarily closed and we are planning to reopen by the end of the year.

We will announce when we will be ready to accept booking via Email and Instagram.

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Feel free to drop us a line for any comments or questions, either using the form below, or by email to: ciao@casanostra.sg

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